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We have 20 years experience in the mobile network domain. We offer you a comprehensive solution package for all necessary implementation steps. That makes all the difference!

Mobil-line Ltd. is an independent, family-run company. In business since 1998, we now employ more than 40 staff specialising in the planning, construction, and maintenance of mobile communication facilities for all German network providers. High quality, adherence to technical standards, and a customer-orientated approach are at the heart of what we do.

Our area of expertise lies in supplying complex in-house locations. To this end we offer turnkey solutions which are technology-independent, site-specific, and designed by our certified planners. Mobile communication technology has developed rapidly in recent years, and we’ve kept abreast of these developments in tools and training, ensuring our technicians have the equipment needed to meet our clients’ demands.

Our extensive experience allows us to accurately assess sites and the costs involved. We offer guidance and solutions in the development of projects, allowing for financial savings through a tailored approach. We work out detailed financial estimates for our clients, as well as demand forecasts for mobile communication services. Our services also include system comparisons to future-proof technologies and ensure competitiveness. A rapid implementation is possible thanks to a one-stop service and direct, effective coordination with network operators as they integrate new systems with their own.

The Team

Christian Rutkowski
Authorised Officer
Matthias Teßmer
Managing director

We are hiring

We don’t have any specific vacancies at this time, but we would be very happy to receive your CV in light of future opportunities.

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